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Fully insulated bike battery master switch for the onboard power supply enclosure to the 
Discharge of the battery through constant consumer as clock, trip computer, 
Etc. to avoid accessory during longer breaks. 
By simply loosening the screw, the separation is already achieved. 
The screw simply loosen 1-2 turns and leave the switch. Thus they can not be lost as well. 
For driving please correct firmly turn. 

Mini design 
Fully insulated housing 
Flexible mounting between negative and vehicle 

Load max. 160A - 12V / 10 sec pause then 30 sec.. 
Bridge cable included. 
Installation instructions on product depositors 

L / W / H: 62 x 25 x 38 mm 
Cable: 200 mm

  • Model: 7060137
  • Fabrikant: RMCP

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Dit product is toegevoegd aan onze catalogus op woensdag 26 februari, 2020.