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Greentec Bike Cleaner has been developed to ensure the fast and effective cleaning of dirt hartnäckigstem, 
at the same time it is well compatible with a variety of materials, including metals and light alloys, plastics, rubber and paint. 

Body and frame of modern motorcycles are a mix of exotic metal alloys and advanced plastics, paints and varnishes. 
These materials may react sensitively to chemical products and if the cleaner is too aggressive, permanent damage may occur; 
to restore the original state often expensive spare parts are then necessary. 

While the recipe is designed for best cleaning performance, which will cope with the most stubborn grease and dirt, 
the Castrol Greentec Bike Cleaner has been tested for compatibility with more than 30 different materials to ensure the safe use of most modern motorcycles. 

The new Greentec Bike Cleaner has been tested by a leading independent laboratory using a severe Materialkompatibilitätsprüfmethode. Real motorcycle parts were used to test the fluid performance at temperatures of up to 80 ° C over a period of 24 h.. 

Greentec Bike Cleaner has shown superior material compatibility in an over compared with leading competitive products and has shown no adverse effects on the materials tested. 

- Efficient and safe cleaning of paint and metal surfaces, plastics and rubber 
- Solvent and phosphate-free 
- Residue-free cleaning 
- Cleaner for thorough cleaning Instructions for all components with aluminum corrosion protection formula 
- Specially designed for motorcycles 

- Cleaner Spray undiluted onto the surface. 
- Wait for about 2 to 3 minutes, then remove, either by washing with tap water or with a high pressure cleaner.  

  • Fabrikant: Castrol

Dit product is toegevoegd aan onze catalogus zondag 11 oktober, 2015.

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