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Castrol Power 4T 10W/40


Get the Best Performance from your Bike

  • Castrol Power 1 4T is a HC-synthetic premium 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil which has been developed for modern high-performance motorcycles. The special formulation reduces internal friction losses and thus ensures maximum performance without affecting the protection of the motor negative.

    - Premium lubricant with HC synthetic 
    - Special additive formulation 
    - Maximum performance, optimum protection 

    Trizone Technology: 
    To ensure the efficiency of today's 4-stroke high performance engines, it requires a specially developed for the motorcycle engines lubricant. 
    The engine oil in a motorcycle engine must fulfill its tasks in three different areas - "Trizone" - meet. These are the lubrication and cooling of engine and transmission as well as the flawless power transmission by the oil bath clutch. 
    These different areas of application, which are lubricated separately into a passenger car must be supplied in a 4-stroke motorcycle engine by only one lubricant. 
    To ensure a maximum capacity factor, the Castrol lubricants are designed for 4-stroke motorcycles specifically for this combined application and examined in extensive tests. This is the "Trizone" advantage of 4-stroke motorcycle lubricants from the house Castrol. 

    Specifications and approvals: 
    API SJ, JASO MA-2 

  • Model: RS4T10W404lt
  • Fabrikant: Castrol

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